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10x your productivity as a freelance graphic designer using AI to assist your workflow. Take on more projects and increase your income

As a freelance graphic designer, it is crucial to be efficient with your time and work in order to succeed in the competitive industry. There is now a wealth of new and exciting AI tools that will allow you to 10x your productivity, reducing the time consuming tasks, so you can focus on your creative flow.



As a freelancer, you aren't just a designer, you're also a project manager, accountant, and a PA. Having an assistant to formalise meeting notes, document next steps is like having a super power. That's just what Notion AI provides. This tool can even assist in brainstorming, given a short brief.

Copy writing

Copywriting is a key skill for freelance graphic designers. Producing high-quality copy, without falling back to lorem ipsum is time consuming. Fortunately AI tools such as provide a fast, free alternative. Next time you are faced with marketing copy, or some supporting copy that needs to be on brand, try it out.


Pen and paper have a rich, analogue appeal, but it's not always practical to start in a medium that needs to be reworked into a digital format. Uizard scanner provides a way to automate this through AI, simply upload a photo and the solution will convert it into digital designs with a high degree of accuracy. Great for wireframing and collaboration.


Being able to quickly iterate through design directions is key to the 'develop' phase of design thinking. But with limited bandwidth, this step is often compressed. Imagine having a team of designers at your disposal, producing inspiration catered to your brief, that's exactly what Promptilla provides, allowing busy designers to focus on creating amazing brands.

Time is a precious commodity, using it wisely will not only increase your income prospects, but free you up to explore other pursuits in life. Why not try some of these tools and see what they can do for you?

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