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What's the difference between tasks and projects?
We know design work comes in all shapes and sizes, you can create tasks for illustration, logo design, or social media assets. Projects allow you to group tasks together, so you can stay organised. You can add a task to a project any time.
What are tokens? how do they work?
A token represents a single image generation with up to 4 variations. When you run out of tokens, you will get a notification. You will need to purchase additional tokens. Check out our pricing page for costs.
Are the images free from copyright?
Promptilla provides creative inspiration, but takes no responsibility for how you choose to use the imagery created. We recommend you consider this as a starting point on your creative journey. Please bear in mind that what's produced for you may not be original. Please check our terms and conditions for more.
Which LLMs does Promptilla use?
With an increasing number of large language models (LLMs) Promptilla provides an abstraction, connecting you with multiple models. We will assess your brief and identify which models are best suited for your inspirational needs. We will continue to integrate new models as they become available.
Can I specify which model to use?
We may provide this feature in future if there is high demand for it. check on our product road map to see what's on the horizon.
What brief do I need to provide?
We will guide you through the steps of creating a brief. This will cover descriptions, styles you wish to explore, and colors. The more information you provide, the more accurate the inspiration will be.
Can supply my own imagery?
Yes, depending on the task you want to create, you can provide base imagery, which will be fed in as part of the brief stage.

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